Make More Money – Get Your Business Noticed

Make More Money. Get Your Business Noticed For Free.

Make More Money. Get Your Business Noticed For Free.

Make more money through the internet. Google Places: A Great Way to Get Your Business Noticed For Free!

Make more money online; get noticed! You know your small business exists.
You probably spend a good portion of every day running it!

The question is, how can you get people who have never been there before to notice you?

Google Places is one great way to do it. It will be difficult to not notice your business. Google places is a smart way to make more money online.
Whether you are on a well-travelled corner, or if you’re tucked away on a winding country lane, Google Places will inform potential customers about your location, as well as give them information about the products or services you offer.

Why use Google Places to make more money?
While there are other search engines out there, Google is by far the most popular, as well as the most comprehensive of them all.

What Is Google Places? How can it help you to make more money online?
Google Places is a free service offered by Google, to help business owners inform consumers about their hours of operation, products and services, special offers, and more.
Your business can display photographs and videos on Google Places, and you can communicate with clientele and get important feedback that can help you improve your bottom line.

What are Google Places Tags? Use them to make more money online!
Google Places offers and additional service that places special tags that look like coupons over your business.
Tags are a way to stand out to potential customers, and while they don’t improve SEO rank, they do create better perceived value.
As of January, 2011, it is free to try Google Places Tags for 30 days, and the service costs a flat rate of $25 per month if you choose to continue using it.

Why Google Places Works So Well if you want to make more money.
According to the folks at Google, one in five internet searches are directly related to locations.
Since Google places allows business owners the ability to update their offerings in real time, customers can find you and you have the opportunity to create a sense of excitement by adding special coupons just for customers who find you on Google Places.
Add Google Places for smartphone users, and you just might see your business improve by leaps and bounds.
The bottom line is, your customers and potential new clients are looking for what they want on Google, and if you are there, you are going to be noticed.
No one can pass up a great deal, so come up with a promotion, put it up on your Google Places Place Page, and watch the magic happen.

Make More Money with the power of Google

Google is actually the best shot on earning free money using the internet. Once Google indexes you on a good spot, you will get instant free traffic. (Targetted traffic!). That you can obviously convert into paying customers! If you want to make more money online, use the power of Google!

Good Luck!