Three terrible social media marketing mistakes

Three Terrible Social Media Marketing Mistakes, and How to Avoid Making Them.

Three Terrible Social Media Marketing Mistakes - You Should Not Make

Three Terrible Social Media Marketing Mistakes. Social media marketing is a necessity for growing your business in today’s climate. While just about everyone knows at least a few things about how to make social media marketing work well…
…hardly anybody has a good understanding about the type of mistakes that can be made, nor do most people know how to avoid those mistakes.

The good news is, we’re about to put you in the ranks of the few –
…here are the top three terrible social media marketing mistakes companies make, plus valuable insight for avoiding these mistakes.

1. Failing To Monitor Your Social Media – three terrible social media marketing mistakes.You’ve done a great job of setting up your Facebook page, and you’ve made friends and fans all over the place.Don’t expect your social media marketing to keep on running on its’ own.One reason social media marketing works so uncannily well is its’ “social” aspect. You should be updating constantly (at least once every day or every two days) and you should be paying attention to what friends and fans are telling you. Read the messages that come in – don’t just delete them! Answer every message that seems to require a response. If you fail at the “social” aspect of social media marketing, you’re just another company, just another cog in the machine. One of the best ways to avoid making this mistake is to assign someone the task of monitoring your social media for you. This way, you don’t have to wade through everything that comes in, and you can be a resource for the person or team who handles your social media marketing.
Your customers will appreciate the way you interact with them, and you’ll be getting an awesome ROI.

2. Ignoring Complaints And Failing To Admit Fault – three terrible social media marketing mistakes.
This is one of the biggest social media marketing mistakes any company of any size can make.
Imagine you have a dissatisfied customer, who decides to spread his aggravation with your company all over twitter and Facebook.
What do you do? Should you ignore the guy and hope he goes away?
Absolutely not! If you make this mistake, people are going to start to wonder.
Be friendly and courteous, and show your customer you care about him. Make a public apology.
While eating crow might not feel the best, it’s a great way to show that “social” side of your business.
Who knows, you may even endear yourself to your customers, even more.
Everyone makes mistakes, so if you’re caught in a mistake, don’t lie or cover it up.
Handle it, and move on.

3. Failing To Provide Incentives – three terrible social media marketing mistakes.
Don’t expect fans and friends to flock your way without providing them with an incentive to do so.
Offer special discounts to your loyal customers, and give out helpful hints on a regular basis.
My favorite greenhouse gives gardening tips every day, and for some reason, I can’t help but go there and buy more plants and products.
I also give them lots of recommends.
This is just one example of how much people love to believe that they are getting a value, and illustrates the fact they enjoy passing the things they like on to others.
This is one of the biggest reasons social media marketing works, so give good incentives, and watch your business grow.

Three Terrible Social Media Marketing Mistakes tips!

Three terrible social media marketing mistakes. Use these tips in your advantage. And you will find yourself doing a great job with social media marketing! This is definetly the new way to become instantly succesfull online.

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